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Our comprehensive guide to the Top 12 regulatory changes and industry events of 2023 will help your business prepare for the industry landscape of 2024. Download now!

Prepare for 2024: Know the Hazmat Regulatory and Industry changes from 2023.

As we step into 2024, knowing about the significant regulatory and industry shifts of the past year is crucial for your business. ICC’s Regulatory Experts are proud to present the “Top 12 Impactful HazMat Developments in 2023 guide,” an indispensable resource for businesses to stay on top of recent developments.

Highlights of Our Guide

  • Latest International Regulations: Uncover how the 22nd revision of the UN Model Regulations impacts global transport.

  • Canada’s GHS Revision 7 Compliance: Adapt to Health Canada’s updated Hazardous Products Regulations.

  • U.S. Lithium Battery Regulations: Navigate the complexities of the new U.S. lithium battery rules.

  • Enhanced Freight Rail Safety: Learn about the DOT’s response to recent incidents and how it affects your operations.

  • Innovations in Hazardous Mail Transport: Understand USPS’s latest measures for safer material handling.

  • Trends and Forecasts: Prepare for the future with insights into potential regulatory changes and industry trends.

Empower Your Business with Crucial Knowledge

In a domain where staying compliant is crucial for success and safety, the right information is your most powerful tool. Our guide equips you with knowledge and insights, helping you make informed decisions and maintain a competitive edge in 2024.

Download Now and Take a Proactive Step Towards Enhanced Compliance and Safety!

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