Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground in the U.S.A.

The Hazardous Materials Regulations of 49 CFR, issued by the US Department of Transportation, sets the standards for the transportation of hazardous materials in the US.

Heavy fines and prison terms may be imposed if these strict requirements are not met. As with any regulation, there are some variations and exceptions. This program will enable the participants to recognize what those requirements are and how to ensure they are satisfied.

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Copy of the 49 CFR or relevant publication is required to complete online training

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Topics covered

  • Overview of regulations affecting transport of hazardous materials
  • Structure of 49 CFR
  • Management responsibilities, such as registration
  • Training requirements
  • 7 Steps to Compliance
  • Security awareness
  • Carrier requirements and variations, such as UPS
  • Exceptions and special provisions

Course material

  • 49 CFR or other relevant publication*
  • Canadian TDG Regulations**
  • US Road and Rail Placarding guide
  • Performance packaging guide
  • Compliance checklist
  • Relevant literature
  • *Excludes TR-HMT15 and webinars.
    **TR-HMT15 only.