Complete and proper training in handling hazardous materials is an essential component for any business that interacts with harmful chemicals and materials. At ICC Compliance Center, we provide solutions for regulatory compliance in transportation and workplace safety, with a specialization in training and consulting. Our training courses are designed to protect your team and your business.

Determining the Right Hazardous Materials Training Is Necessary

How do you know what training is required for your product, circumstances, and environment? How do you ensure that your team is properly educated and protected? At ICC Compliance Center, our experience in handling and shipment of hazardous materials spans decades, and we’re a reliable resource for companies requiring hazardous materials training and consultation. 

When it comes to determining the best hazardous goods training for your organization, there are a few key questions that must be answered:

Are you interested in transportation regulations or workplace compliance?

If you’re looking for transportation regulations for shipment by land, ocean, or air, we offer comprehensive courses on transporting hazardous materials through the United States and courses that cover the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada. Read on to filter down to which courses and training specifically address your needs.

Alternatively, if you are more concerned with compliance in the workplace, we offer GHS training within Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Are you looking for training in Canadian or US regulations?

Regulations are distinct in different geographies. What applies in one country does not necessarily apply in another. Although the United States and Canada are close trading partners, each country has various nuances and specifications for transporting hazardous materials. In addition to this, each mode of transportation follows distinct compliance guidelines. 

Are you interested in ground only, ground plus air, or ground/ocean/air modes of transportation?

If you’re transporting hazardous materials in the U.S. by ground, you’ll want your team to complete our course that covers the Hazardous Materials Regulations of 49 CFR, issued by the US Department of Transportation. Similarly, if you’re shipping dangerous goods by ground in Canada, our course will cover Canada’s Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations. We also offer a course that comprehensively covers shipping hazardous materials by ground and air within the U.S.

Regardless of what country you’re shipping to, if you’re transporting dangerous goods by air internationally, your team needs to be well-versed in both national regulations and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If you’re shipping commercially, your team will also need to be experienced with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations. Our transporting dangerous goods by air course will educate your team with everything they need to know to ship safely via air. 

While transporting goods by ocean is one of the most cost-efficient ways to ship products, strict regulations need to be followed. Organizations shipping dangerous goods by sea need to have teams that are knowledgeable in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), and the national regulations set out in regions their cargo will be traveling. Our course on shipping dangerous goods via ocean can help keep your teams compliant.

Do you require training for shippers only, or drivers and handlers as well?

Our knowledgeable compliance experts can customize our courses geared towards the roles and responsibilities of your team.

Do you require a basic course (all classes) or specialized focus courses focusing on radioactive materials, biologicals, dry ice, small quantities, and/or lithium batteries?

There may be specific requirements based on the type of hazardous material your team is handling or transporting. We have courses that focus specifically on shipping lithium batteries, safely shipping biological substances and dry ice, and the safe transportation of radioactive materials

Alternatively, we can create a customized course around the product and materials that your team will be handling and/or transporting. 

It’s because of these many considerations that ICC Compliance Center offers tailored consulting for companies handling, storing, or transporting hazardous materials. 

Our team can also customize these courses depending on whether your employees require a little refresher, or if they are brand new to the industry and are just starting their training. We can also customize courses for niche industries and businesses with very specific requirements. 

Browse a complete list of our training courses here!

Lean on ICC Compliance Center for Help

In addition to our training courses, we offer a multitude of resources to help keep your team compliant and up to speed with ever-evolving regulations:

Training Books & Supplies

Hazardous Materials training supplies help to reinforce the training that your employees have received and ensure that what they’ve learned remains clearly at the forefront of their minds while on the job. Making sure that your employees receive required dangerous goods training is vital for their safety and to avoid fines, and these HazMat training kits are useful references to help your employees to adhere to industry regulations. For all of our courses, students must have a copy of the current regulatory publication necessary for their course. No need to worry though – we sell a wide range of regulatory books and supplies here at ICC. Our training books and supplies include:

Custom On-Site, Classroom, and Virtual Live Training

We offer a range of training solutions that can be customized for your team’s needs:

On-Site Training

ICC Compliance Center offers on-site training services to simplify the training process and provide top-tier training that’s convenient for you. We deliver customized on-site programs based on your company’s specific procedures and requirements, alongside practical suggestions for implementation that are relevant to your business. On-site training allows you to save on travel and accommodation costs, making for a cost-effective solution. Group training sessions have been proven to increase knowledge retention amongst employees, with research showing that workers learn more in groups and continue to reinforce their learning together even after the course has ended.

Classroom Training

Don’t have a location suitable for training courses? No problem! At ICC, we’ve got you covered with training facilities across Canada and in the United States. Our comfortable training classrooms are comfortable for any size of team. We also incorporate practical, hands-on training in the classroom, completing exercises such as packaging a courier-style shipment. Prior to booking, please check for COVID-19 protocols and requirements at your closest or preferred training center.

Virtual Live Training

Prefer for your team to learn virtually? Many of our training courses are available virtually live, so your team can learn from the comfort of their own homes or office. Because these sessions are live, students also have the benefit of asking questions and conversing with the instructor as they learn, for an enriched training experience. 

Decades of Dangerous Goods Experience

The ICC Compliance Center Team boasts over 200 years of combined expertise in hazardous materials and related industries. Meet our team of experts stemming from various backgrounds, providing expertise and specialized knowledge to be applied to dangerous goods training across industries. 

Not only is our team diverse and knowledgeable, but ICC customers also benefit from exclusive access to our Regulatory Helpline. Our helpline provides you with expert information regarding hazardous materials handling even after your training is complete, ensuring that all processes remain safe and up-to-code.

Your Partner in Regulatory Training

As your regulatory expert team, ICC can take the onus off of your internal resources, allowing you to spend your time and energy on other aspects of your business. Our team regularly manages dangerous goods and regulatory training so that businesses don’t have to worry about training details. Outsourcing your HazMat training can be an especially beneficial decision for smaller companies, who have fewer resources at their disposal. ICC is well-equipped to help any business by taking on the work of handling and administering dangerous goods training to alleviate the pressure and responsibility of HR teams. 

With ICC Compliance Center as your HazMat regulatory training partner, you’re in safe hands. Our experienced team of regulatory experts work hard to create the solutions that your business and team needs to thrive. ICC Compliance has a wide range of training courses as well as books and supplies, allowing for a truly custom experience either on-site or virtually. Partner with ICC for professional, expert guidance through the ever-evolving world of HazMat regulations and compliance to keep your team and your business protected and thriving. Connect with our experts today to discuss your needs and start crafting custom solutions that work for your business.

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