Metal Cans

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Metal cans to meet all your UN packaging requirements. All cans have been pressure tested to comply with 49 CFR, TDG, IMO and IATA regulations.

  • Metal cans offer an airtight package
  • Metal cans may be sterilized
  • Shelf life is extraordinarily long
  • Metal packaging is tough
  • Metal packaging is inert and protects the contents of the package
  • Metal packaging is very space efficient
  • Metal packaging can be coated on the interior to improve performance
  • Easy open lids and dispensing features are available for many packages

Made of durable tin-plated steel, our f-style cans will prove useful for thinners, adhesives, motor oils, or whatever you add to this list. Plus, their rectangular shape and slim design help to save space on your shelf. One gallon cans have integral handle for easy pouring and handling.

Our metal cone cans are ideal for storing and transporting paint and other hazardous materials. The screw tops on our round tin-plated steel cans allow you to easily fill and dispense lubricants, cleaners, cleaners, chemicals, concentrated dies, and automotive additives.

We carry steel paint cans for your compliance needs. Our pint, quart and gallon paint cans are available with a friction top. Use them for paints, coatings, sealants, and adhesives. Available with or without interior lining. Use with our paint can shipper to transport by air, ground or sea.

Please note: It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine the suitability of inner and outer packagings. This includes any requirements for absorbent material in accordance with modal requirement for use with contents. Please contact one of our Customer Relations Specialists if you have any questions on the compatibility of your products with our packaging. Although we cannot recommend compatibility, we would be happy to send you a sample.