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Navigating GHS – HazCom2012 Books

Help! I’m lost! Here it is January of 2015 and I’m so lost and confused in this world of Hazard...

10 Commonly Cited Safety Violations and How to Avoid Them

Without proper protocol, injuries such as shock, falling, and burns are common injuries workers can be subjected to at the...

William Chao

New Year – New TDG Amendment

TDG Regulations Update – Gazette II, December 31, 2014 For those that thought the amendments to the Canadian Transportation of...

Clifton Brown

Determining Net Quantity of Gases for Shipping by Air

How much gas can I ship by air per cylinder? In theory this is an easy question. In practice, it...

Transport Canada Proposes Passenger Aircraft Cargo Security Enhancements

New proposal to increase aircraft cargo security Transport Canada has, in an effort to improve safety on passenger aircraft, proposed...

Clifton Brown

Consignor’s Certification – TDG Update of Standards

I Declare! Transport Canada has generated a fair amount of discussion with the introduction (to be mandatory July 15, 2015)...

Clifton Brown