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Going up, up and away!

The cost of shipping by sea is going up, way up. For shipments to Northern Europe, the increase on a...

Carrier reciprocity

Transport Canada has posted an alert on their website that deals with US carriers transporting dangerous goods into Canada. Section...

Just what does it take?

May 11, 1996: ValueJet Flight 592 plunges into the Florida Everglades. Cause? Undeclared dangerous goods—specifically oxygen generators. An Australian dangerous...

Do you ship lithium batteries?

Since lithium battery shipping is a hot topic these days, I ask this question a lot in my training classes....

Emily Walter

Lithium batteries by air

Shipping lithium batteries has become a confusing issue. Let’s start by asking “what is a lithium battery?”. There are two...

Inspections – Cargo Tanks

The CACD (Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors) office in Oakville received a telephone call from a dangerous goods inspector regarding...



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