IATA Creates Digital System – DG AutoCheck

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IATA is Going Digital with DG AutoCheck

When receiving inbound calls at our regulatory help desk, one of the most popular inquiries involves filling out various types of paperwork when shipping dangerous goods.

If you are looking to ship dangerous goods by air, you could now be facing a different type of compliance check involving your shipper’s declaration in the near future. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) unveiled a digital product allowing air cargo providers an easier way to verify that a shipper tendering dangerous goods has met the industry’s standards for transporting hazardous goods. Their new product is called Dangerous Goods AutoCheck (DG AutoCheck).

What is this new Digital Product?

This new Dangerous Goods Auto Check system is designed as a digital means of checking the compliance of goods designated under the Shipper’s Declaration. This tool will allow direct receipt of electronic consignment data and will automatically check the information contained in the Shipper’s Declaration against the relevant language in the IATA regulations governing the handling and transport of the goods.

Simply scan or upload the dangerous goods declaration into the tablet-based tool. That’s it!

-IATA’s Webiste

The tool will simplify a ground handler’s or airline’s decision to accept or reject a shipment during the physical inspection stage by providing a visual representation of the package with the correct marking and labelling required for transport based on the information electronically provided from the Shipper’s Declaration.


The purpose of this system is to provide a faster more accurate process than manually checking each Shipper’s Declaration for compliance and ensuring each package is correctly marked and labeled, which can be a complex and time-consuming task for airlines. The goal here is to simply improve process efficiency and reduce errors and delays.

IATA said the platform will dramatically expedite the processing of the paperwork required for the tender of dangerous goods. The goal as a shipper of dangerous goods, as always is to ensure that all of your paperwork and labelling is within compliance to the regulations to prevent any issues regardless if the system is manual or digital.

Here at ICC-The Compliance Center, we offer DG Office where all required documentation and labeling needs are fulfilled automatically for any mode of transportation, based on the applicable rules and regulations. It helps you minimize risks and assures compliance. For more information call 888-442-9628 in the USA, 888-977-4834 in Canada.






Michael Zendano

Michael Zendano

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