Proper Shipping Name Labels

Use Proper Shipping Name labels to ensure packages are labeled correctly

Available in all hazard classes, our labels are printed and coated with a UV ink to ensure they are long-lasting and fade-resistant. Cold temperature adhesive makes these labels ideal for sub-zero temperatures.

Choose from a variety of common proper shipping name labels, custom labels printed with your UN number and proper shipping name or print on demand with our blank labels. Offered in a standard-tab (4” x 4.75” | 100 x 120 mm) and large-tab (4” x 6” | 100 x 150 mm) size are are printed on High-Gloss Paper or Vinyl Label materials.

Labels approved for use with all modes of transportation, complies with DOT 49 CFR, TDGR, IATA, ICAO & IMDG Regulations.

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