Dry Ice Labels

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We stock Dry Ice labels to meet transportation regulations when shipping with dry ice.

When shipping with dry ice, a Class 9 miscellaneous “dry ice” label must be on the outer packaging. Labels purchased through ICC The Compliance Center satisfy the IATA, ICAO, and IMDG marking and labeling requirements when accurately completed.

Help reduce errors by using this all-in-one Dry Ice label. Contains the hazard class label, proper shipping name, UN number, net quantity, shipper address, and consignor address. These labels are available blank or preprinted with your information.

Our labels are waterproof and printed with color-fast inks for durability. Labels have a gloss coating for a scuff and scratch resistant finish, guaranteed to be weather and sun resistant. They are backed with a permanent acrylic adhesive capable of adhering to many difficult surfaces without detaching, cracking, or fading.

When dry ice is shipped by air and water it is regulated as a hazardous material because it generates carbon dioxide that will displace oxygen in an enclosed space. IATA requires that dry ice be packaged in accordance with packing instruction 904. This includes our dry ice labels.