Responsible Distribution Canada

By March 14, 2016 Safety

Responsible Distribution Canada, or RDC (formerly Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (CACD)), was incorporated in 1987. It acts as the voice for companies involved in the chemical supply chain to champion for health, safety, and sustainability. To date its mission continues to be sustaining a leadership role as the trusted, largest, credible, and comprehensive Canadian source on Responsible Distribution® (RD) and education in the chemical industry. In support of its mission RDC drafted by-laws, implemented the RD Code of Practice, a verification process, and recorded/tracked incidents for its Indices of Performance among others. Over the years RDC has shaped and bolstered its future through modifications and modernization of the RD Code of Practice, which includes such things as quality standards, risk analysis, and stewardship.

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When Health Canada first passed the WHMIS 1988 legislation, ICC was able to provide support to members of CACD – both large and small. This was a major undertaking for chemical distributors and blenders who enlisted the help and support of ICC in authoring their first (material) safety data sheets. Since then we have been creating the required label text for labels used on drums and totes through our in-house graphic designers, printing, and manufacturing capabilities. With demand for these services increasing ICC staff worked long and hard, and that has proved worthwhile as many of the distributors have remained with ICC ever since – benefitting from regulatory support and expertise. It was a natural progression for ICC to join CACD as it was known back then, and be part of the logistics and regulatory committees to assist in the evolution of the industry and association.

Responsible Distribution Canada

ICC Compliance Center has been a proud affiliate member since 2004 in support of RDC’s four pillars of strength: RD leadership; education and training; advocacy; and member services. “RDC and its members play a vital role in the chemical supply chain, and in ensuring safety of its employees and the public,” says Karrie Ishmael, Regulatory Manager at ICC Compliance Center. “As such we continually stay abreast of regulatory changes affecting RDC’s membership and support them with the needed products, services, and training,” adds Karrie Ishmael. A strategic network of offices, distribution centers, and divisions across Canada and the United States enable ICC to support members in their efforts to handle, offer for transport, and transport dangerous goods.

“By supporting RDC we are saying ‘We believe in you and everything you do,’” mentions Greg Monette, Sales Manager for ICC Compliance Center. Believing in something shows passion, and when passionate about something all your efforts are put towards it. This passion is evident in the range of products, services, and training available at ICC including a large selection of UN certified packaging, custom labeling, safety data sheet services, and custom courses. There is also an ICC royalty program available for members to benefit from.

Needless to say ICC Compliance Center remains supportive in all of RDC’s endeavours. We hope to see you at the 30th Annual General Meeting happening June 8 – 10, 2016 at the Fairmont Mont Tremblant! Look for Greg Monette during the event or join him on the golf course for the tournament.

For information about regulatory training, plant audits, SDS services, labeling solutions, trucking placards and security seals, workplaces signs and tags, and UN certified packaging contact us at 888.977.4834 (Canada), or 888.442.9628 (USA).