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When are Absorbents Required by Air?

Depending on the regulation, there are very specific requirements on what type of outer and inner packaging you must use...

Michael Zendano

38.3 Guidance

All dangerous goods are tested for something or another. There are specific tests and criteria to follow to find out...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Lithium-ion Battery Pack – UN3481 or UN3480

Is a lithium-ion battery pack considered UN3481, Lithium-ion batteries contained in equipment, or UN3480, Lithium-ion batteries? This is a question...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Bloc-batterie au lithium ionique – ONU3481 ou ONU3480

Le bloc-batterie au lithium ionique est-il classifié sous le numéro ONU3481 et donc considéré comme un bloc-batterie contenu dans un...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Electronic Recycling

In the age of technology, where millions of consumers are all after the next, best, and latest electronics, have you...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Storage of Aerosols, The Basic Guide

If improperly stored, aerosols can cause serious issues in regards to Occupational Health and Safety. Improper storage can also lead...

Elton Woodfine


What is a safety standard and which one applies to me?

Hello, everyone! We’re back with a blog that we hope will keep you updated on what’s happening with the Canadian...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Comment ça fonctionne une intervention d’urgence ?

Bonjour tout le monde ! De retour avec un blog qui nous espérons saura vous informer sur ce qui se...

ICC Regulatory Expert

How does an emergency intervention work?

Hello, everyone! We’re back with a blog that we hope will keep you updated on what’s happening with the Canadian...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Segregating Dangerous Goods under the IMDG Code

One of the most common issues we get asked about at ICC The Compliance Center is segregation of dangerous goods....

Barbara Foster

Listes de contrôle désuètes

Voyez si cela a du sens pour vous.   Un envoi a été préparé, consistant d’une batterie au lithium métallique à...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Outdated Checklists

See if this makes sense to you.   A shipment was prepared that has a lithium metal battery inside a piece...

ICC Regulatory Expert

French Articles


Overpack FAQ

Labeling FAQ

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms Have you ever spoken with a seasoned Hazmat professional who is seemingly talking in gibberish??...

Limited Quantity FAQ

Lithium Batteries FAQ

Documentation FAQ

TDG Regulations FAQ

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