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10 Things That Might Put You on Santa’s Naughty List

Shipping Dangerous Goods During the Holiday Season If you ask for any of these things for Christmas, Santa may not...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Explosives Consultation – Ports & Other Proposals

Recognizing Technological Evolution while Maintaining Safety & Security Explosives Regulations (ER) – Ports & Wharves The Explosives Safety & Security...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Regulatory Helpdesk: December 4, 2017

Top 4 Questions from the Regulatory Helpdesk Welcome back to the Regulatory Helpdesk where we answer your dangerous goods &...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Change Notice: BX-8SP

In an effort to continuously improve the quality and performance of our UN packaging, we occasionally must make changes to...

Michael Zendano

Everyone’s Favorite … Shipping Lithium Batteries!

Complying with the Regulations Sometimes we try to find an economical solution to comply with regulations. If it works, great,...

ICC Regulatory Expert

What if Chicken Little Had INFOTRAC?

INFOTRAC 24-Hour Emergency Response System My family has always been made up of people who like to read. It starts with...

ICC Regulatory Expert


Shopping Online – A Growing Issue in Dangerous Goods Transportation

Online shopping – whether from large internet companies such as Amazon, to individual vendors on sites such as eBay –...

Barbara Foster

Get Ready for IATA DGR 2012!

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), has recently published a summary of changes that will be seen in the 2012...

Barbara Foster

Just what does it take?

May 11, 1996: ValueJet Flight 592 plunges into the Florida Everglades. Cause? Undeclared dangerous goods—specifically oxygen generators. An Australian dangerous...

Inspections – Cargo Tanks

The CACD (Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors) office in Oakville received a telephone call from a dangerous goods inspector regarding...

Update to CSA 2019 – 10 years later

What is it? Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) is a program being rolled out by the Federal Motor Carrier...


DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms Have you ever spoken with a seasoned Hazmat professional who is seemingly talking in gibberish??...

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