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Regulatory Helpdesk: March 19

Proper Shipping Name, Hydrostatic Pressure Tests, Other Information on the Lithium Battery Mark, and an Interesting Lithium Battery Story Welcome...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

How to Ship My Motorcycle

I need to ship my motorcycle. What do I need to do? Normally around this time of the year we...

Regulatory Helpdesk: March 12

Combustible Liquids, Using Chemtrec’s Number, Keeping Up-To-Date, and Other Paperwork Welcome back to the Regulatory Helpdesk where we answer your...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

March 2018 TDG TP 14877 Update

Rail TDG Standard TP 14877 Update On March 15 Transport Canada released a notice on the intent to issue a...

2018 TDG Registration and Fines FAQ

REGISTRATION and FINES and FAQs, OH MY! February and March contain some interesting items potentially impacting the Canadian TDG landscape…...

IATA Creates Digital System – DG AutoCheck

IATA is Going Digital with DG AutoCheck When receiving inbound calls at our regulatory help desk, one of the most...

Michael Zendano


Two New Transport Canada Alerts — ERAPs & E-cigarettes

Transport Canada clarifies interpretation of 10,000 L ERAP requirement & warns of “e-cigarette” hazards in checked baggage. ERAPs Further to...

WHMIS 2015 Published in Gazette II

Health Canada Reveals Final Version of Canadian GHS An important change has occurred on the Canadian regulatory scene. Health Canada...

Barbara Foster

Transport Canada Correction & Clarification

Hot off the press: Expected ERAP Rail Tanker Correction As expected, the Dec. 31/14 TDG amendment was corrected in today’s...

ICC Regulatory Expert

To Train or Not to Train?

The Question That is a question that we Regulatory Specialists sometimes receive in the form of: “Do I have to...

ICC Regulatory Expert

TDG – More on SOR/2014-306

Further to the observation in our blog published on January 12, 2015 (ERAP changes under SOR/2014-306): We have requested clarification...

ICC Regulatory Expert

ERAP Changes Potentially Extend Beyond Rail Tankers

Are You Implicated? Wording of amendment includes highway tankers, IBC, for UN1993, etc. Recently, I wrote about the December 31...

ICC Regulatory Expert


DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms Have you ever spoken with a seasoned Hazmat professional who is seemingly talking in gibberish??...

Limited Quantity FAQ

Lithium Battery FAQ

Documentation FAQ

TDG Regulations FAQ

Overpack FAQ

Labeling FAQ

Placarding FAQ

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