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New Draft: CGSB Standard 43.145

TDG Large Packaging Still Time to Review the draft “Design, Manufacture and Use of Large Packaging for Transportation of Dangerous...

IATA 800 Series of Special Provisions

Learning New Regulations Learning a new transport regulation is tough. Even if you are familiar with other modes, learning the intricacies...

Regulatory Helpdesk: April 23

Using absorbents with variation packaging, UN marking height, limited quantity, and de minimis quantities Welcome back to the Regulatory Helpdesk where...

Countdown to WHMIS 2015 Deadline: Training Requirements

WHMIS 2015 Training Requirements Next in our WHMIS 2015 countdown series, we will discuss training requirements under the new regulation....

Regulatory Helpdesk: April 16

WHMIS 2015 concentration ranges, training, overpacks, segregation and non-DG in DG packaging Welcome back to the Regulatory Helpdesk where we...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP


Can You Spot the Errors in This IATA Form?

Test your dangerous goods knowledge and see if you can find all 20 errors in this IATA Shipper’s Declaration for...

Lithium Batteries Explode (Again) on the Scene

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall is a Counterpoint to IATA Joint Petition The announcement of a recall of Samsung Galaxy...

ICC Regulatory Expert

Bulletin – Saskatchewan Puts WHMIS 2015 in Force

Saskatchewan Joins the Fold- WHMIS 2015 Implementation Starts August 17 The “Land of Living Skies” (SK) has become the 6th...

ICC Regulatory Expert

WHMIS 2015 Update – Ontario Joins the Fold

UPDATE – The June 29 Canada Gazette II contains the Federal Canada Labour Code adoption of WHMIS 2015 into the...

Another Acronym for our Alphabet Soup (SOLAS)

IMO Amends SOLAS Shippers who load containers in Canadian waters must comply with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 and section...

Karrie Ishmael, CDGP

Transport Canada Amends TDG Reporting Requirements

On June 1, 2016, Transport Canada issued an amendment to the “Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations” (TDG) under the Transportation...

Barbara Foster


DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms

DG / HazMat Industry Acronyms Have you ever spoken with a seasoned Hazmat professional who is seemingly talking in gibberish??...

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